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Types of Indian Railways Trains

Indian Railways have different categories/types of trains based on their
  • Theme
  • Speed
  • Facilities
  • Coach Types
  • Time of Journey i.e. Day vs. Overnight

Duronto Express

Duronto Express goes non-stop from its source to destination station, and is the fastest train service in India.


Rajdhani means palace, and can also mean capital. These trains are usually from national capital (Delhi) to state capitals, and are second fastest trains after Duronto. Rajdhani trains are categorized as luxury trains, though it isn't so much of a luxury as per present day standards.

Shatabdi Express

These are mostly day trains, and provides a viable train/flight alternative between major cities which are a few hours apart.

Garibh Rath

Chariot of the Poor is what the name means, and provides AC coaches at prices below the regular AC train prices. These trains have 3E AC (similar to 3 tier AC) coaches, and sometimes AC chair cars.

Jan Shatabdi

These are economy trains with low-cost non-AC reservations. Hence the name that implies common man's Shatabdi. Like Shatabdi Express, these too are usually day trains.

Sampark Kranti Express

What if you wanted state capital to national capital connectivity, but doesn't want the frills (and extra fare) of Rajdhani? This is the one for you. Named "connectivity revolution", this train runs like Rajdhani and is composed like a regular express train.

Superfast Express aka Mail

These are usually long-distance trains. Stops in major towns, and has a composition of several coach types catering to different price levels.


These are pretty much like Superast Express, except that these stop at more stations (and hence has a lower average speed).

Passenger/Fast Passenger

These are usually short distance trains and stop at almost all stops. For connectivity to village stations, you might have to catch one of these after getting down from an Express.

Suburban, Metro, Monorail

There are several short distance urban commuter solutions that Indian Railways offer, either directly or via a subsidiary.